Gastro Florida Acquires FibroScan!

The Gastro Florida team opted to purchase a FibroScan device to provide another opportunity for non-invasive patient care. fibroscan Per the FibroScan website, the device is used for, “the clinical management of patients with liver disease.” The device is a form of transient elastography which uses a probe to measure shear wave velocity. The measurements can then be analyzed to understand liver stiffness in a patient. This measurement process is also known as liver ultrasonographic elastography. While not meant to replace a liver biopsy when deemed medically necessary by a provider, the FibroScan offers the advantages of being relatively quick, non-invasive, and typically pain-free. The test does have limitations and some restrictions. Talk to your provider about the FibroScan to learn if the test is right for you.

Additional information about the FibroScan can be found at: and in the Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology: